10 Fun Facts You don’t know about Nerat Chuwang
1. Nerat is 19 years old (Born 8th July 2000 to the family of Rev Gyang Moses and Mrs Palang Sarah Chuwang)
2. He Started producing at the age of 15/16  years 
3. His first single was 017 (His graduation song)
4. The first track he produced was in 2017 when he was 17 (Title: Choose by Nerat Chuwang) mixed by Oluwa Drumma
5. Oluwa Drumma took interest  in Nerat and Decided to Groom him in music production to become a better producer
6. Nerat has worked with some amazing Artist (Neken Chuwang, Limoblaze, DA Creed, Nenrit, Ab Vocals among many and has co produced songs with great producers: Oluwa Drumma, Melie, Jazmine just to name a Few) He is currently working with a lot of great people in the music industry in Nigeri and outside Nigeria, it will be revealed when these works are ready.
7. Nerat plays Basketball and was one the captain of The Boys Secondary School, Gindiri Basketball team That won the Milo state Championship and represented the state when he was the team captain in 2017.
8. Nerat won his first Music Award in November 2019 as the JOGAMA Next Rated Artiste of the year.

9.Nerat is set to release his first body of work tilted STEPPING OUT in the year 2020
10.Nerat is studying music in University of Jos, Nigeria.



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