Why do we make them feel worthless?

While basking in the Euforia of the childrens day 27/05/2020. Some common lines we say flashed through my mind  “children are  the touch bearers of the future”  another one is “children are the leaders of tommorow” by Nehu Chacha.

The question is whether we are saying it sacasticaly or Hopefully?

Well if the future is to be Governed by the kind of children we raise, can we really wish to see what the future will look like?

So then, what are u thinking about the future, in the hands of neglected, insulted, molested and Abused children, whom with our hands in our homes, within the society and in their own country we made worthless?
Funny enough this mehem doesn’t only happen in poor families or bad neighborhood it cut across all racial, economic and cultural lines.

We made them slaves to one thing or the other because of our actions and inactions, we made them shade tears as a result of the deep painful scars we inflict on them but  we close our ears & hardened our hearts to their cry,  their hearts are broken and their hopes are shattered, they became addicts, prostitutes, and hoodlums, there voices are not heard when they cry for help in their own country yet we scastically call them
  “leaders of tommorow”.

Some of this children are presently on the streets, some are homeless while others are in our homes feeling insecured. They live each day hopeless and in fear of both the known and the unknown most often in a session with them They cry out and say Mrs Tok! “I feel so worthless”hopeless and helpless.

Hmmmmmm with a heavy heart today I make bold to tell us Adults and Parents that most of us have faild them by either being the monsters ourselves or by aiding in the neglect, Insult, abuse and molestation of these children each passing day!

*Yes* It’s very possible to reddress and rebuild a progressive country when parents become  more Present and active in the lives of their children, then government also with Private sectors roll out policies and programe that will take the destitutes off the streets giving them Hope, but these can only be achieved when all hands are on deck as we sit to ask ourselves inwardly where have we failed them?  And what must we do to stop these mishaps destroying our leaders of tommorow?

Happy belated Children’s Day to all the children on the streets and in our homes just to tell you “you are loved and you have a purpose”



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