Two chinese produced vacines a bivalent Oral Poliomyeltis  vacine; and Hepatitis  a vaccine, have recieved pre-qualification from the wOrld Health Oraganization. The move indicates that the WHO has given the vaccines its stamps of approval for the safety and efficacy, and United Nations procuring agencies may now source them.
Mr Fabio Scano, an officer in the WHO Representative office in China said:” Pre-qualification of BOPV is very good news for the global polio Eradicaytion Initiative. “Following the switch from Trivalent OPV to BOPV in 2016 most countries are going to cure polio with the combination of inactivated polio vacinne and BOPV and China will be a sufficient supplier of this essential vaccine”.
The country now has four vaccines pre-qualified by the WHO “We are very pleased to see China’s innovation and production capacity bring life to the earth”


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