“they say preacher kids are the opposite of the preacher” but I say not in every case, our personality for this month is Solomon Gambo popularly known as SoulPee Gambo,
He Is a Bauchi boy but is a jos based artist and most importantly he is a preacher Kid. He celebrates his birthday every September 1st.
 He is a multi talented artists he writes, he sings, he is a poet, a student Architect and most importantly a Worshiper.
Soul Pee came into spotlight in the year 2015 with his single titled Chan zani. Since then he has had prominent acceptance in the Jos Gospel Music Industry.
Soul Pee is one worshiper that can preach a whole sermon through a song ministration. You can’t just miss the message in his music.
 Soul Pee believes each and everyone can be used by God, this was the Inspiration behind his first EP titled KAKAKI. This project is something you would love to lay your ears on..
Stay glued to our blog for next months personality of the month!

You can catch up with SoulPee on all social media platforms:
Instagram -soulpee_gambo
Facebook – Solomon Gambo
Twitter- SoulPee 



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