It can never be overstated, the importance and power of voting. Through almost 2 decades of democracy, the arguments that “no need to vote, they’ve rigged the elections”, “I no go ever vote, this country na scam”, “I can’t stand under the sun to vote someone that will not benefit me”… These are the same excuses some of our predecessors gave and that’s the reason why a great country like Nigeria remains in a slow march towards average.
Neken Chuwang speaks through this song; “My Vote My Right” to remind Nigerians of their responsibility to vote and to defend their votes. The right to vote is one of the very few rights of ours we can enjoy freely, so it is important to utilize it and play a part in determining how the future of our nation will be and how our successors will live in it.
Here is the Music Video for Neken Chuwang’s My Vote My Right as shot by the award winning MSA and Directed by BJ Jallo.

Vote wisely! 


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